Friday, March 2, 2012

Must learn a lesson

A friend of mine commented, "You haven't blogged since a long time, may be you haven't traveled any place new lately."

My blogging frequency has reduced. I many times think up of a lot of stuff to write, but alas... procrastination takes it all away. Anyways, today's blog is spontaneous, and it is not a travelogue.

Time and again, we slip into this mode of uncertainty. Uncertainty about the future is something which disturbs almost everyone. And when the future is linked with people around you, responsibility increases manifold. Lately, I have been exceptionally fickle minded about certain things, which has adversely affected my loved ones.

I am pissed off with myself. I want to stick to what I have in mind, and not get influenced by people's opinions. People opine based on their experience. But experiences are specific cases, and should not be generalized. One must listen to a lot of stuff, but act only according to one's beliefs. I must learn to listen to my inner voice, and act on it.


Abhinav said...

I also believe the same, we must take our own decisions.
On what context have you become fickle minded ?

Winnie said...

what you wrote is absolutely true. We must be consistent and stick to our decisions. But i feel we should look into them from all aspects because sometimes people's opinions show things that remains foggy to us.
Secondly, i feel you are being a bit hard on yourself. take a stand back and let things happen. :)

ME said...

I stumbled upon your blog. It's funny that I have been thinking about the exact same thing lately. I have been thinking of blogging about it too. One must really just trust their own values and thought patterns.

and I realize that this blog post is from last year...